"My Story, My Why"

Welcome to my most favorite place in the world: 

my home, my creation <3

Hi Beautiful Souls, I’m Kanwal…

And most people know me as:

KJ, Kay or Kanwalita

After moving from Pakistan to NY, I was blessed with a lot of nicknames. :)

The Founder of GrowthSpire

a NEW future-generation conscious holistic wellness movement inviting over millions of students worldwide.

A Holistic Wellness and Transformation Coach

a certified life purpose transformation coach, 200-Hour yoga and meditation teacher and 500+ hours meditation practitioner. Focusing highly on mental wellbeing through meditation, breath-work, energy healing and holistic healing coaching.

A Reiki Master and Teacher

a certified Mikao Usui Reiki Level I, II, III and IV: Master and Teacher, with over 200+ successful client experiences. 

An Inventor and A Disrupter

working on re-inventing new education, work culture, holistic health and wellbeing systems, while disrupting old societal, cultural, education and work culture taboos and systems.

I believe immense transformation happens when you start loving yourself. 


Loving ourselves unconditionally is the freedom we all are seeking. One step forward will result in many more towards our growth and transformation. No matter what you are seeking, all the answers lie within. 

My passion for holistic healing began when I started meditating five years ago to find a work-life balance as a result of working for stressful corporations and technology startups. I learned quickly that the underlying problem was not work-life balance, but my past traumas and pain that I had to heal, especially grief surrounding my father's death.


For me, meditation was only one part of the puzzle. The mind, body and soul had to be in complete alignment with each other to experience, freedom, fulfillment and detachment from the ego. In order to find complete alignment, I traveled to countries like Indonesia and Thailand, two spiritual hubs of the world to discover more tools to heal myself. 


Through my seeker’s journey, I found the answer to everything was unconditional self-love. So much of the healing work I did on myself was SO transformational that I brought it back to my communities in the United States, Europe, Pakistan and Thailand. I found that special secret sauce people long to find. ;)

I deeply care about the human race and want to help people experience unconditional self-love. I believe you can travel to find all of these healing modalities but travel isn’t necessary. I had all the major tools when I wasn’t traveling but was missing some pieces. It wasn’t until I started opening my heart that I began to receive from the universe.

I am proud to share that my team and I are building a network of holistic healers and coaches around the world who will support your holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing). Right now, we have 1:1 private sessions, online courses and in-person events and workshops to guide you in your growth journey with me.


Eventually, we will have a massive community of holistic healers around the world offering accessible services and products (courses and programs) to support your healing. 


Our transformational healers and coaches will be available to listen to your needs, walk you through various blockages and help you discover yourself. We have already tested and experimented the teachings of previous and existing healers from around the world.


Our newly developed techniques will give you "the ultimate holistic healing toolbox" you have been looking for, to live a joyous and fulfilling purpose-driven life. A life full of love, positivity and abundance.


We all at GrowthSpire operate from a place of unconditional love, which you will experience in our current sessions and future programs.

Embark on this beautiful journey with me. It's going to be a special one! 

What are you waiting for? Start your journey NOW!


Still not convinced or buzzing with questions? 


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