The Ultimate 1:1

Meditation Coaching Program

for the Over-Achievers 

Learn to make meditation a lifestyle for long-term success

Meditation coaching is learning to breathe again. To live is to breathe. We forget how important breath is for the living. If there was no breath, there would be no us, there would be no you.


Meditation coaching offers an opportunity to become aware of your inner thoughts, to become still in the face of chaos, to listen and be present, to gain clarity as you dive into stillness, to align with your true authentic self, to manifest your deepest desires and dreams, to release old karmic patterns, to relax and enjoy the moments of stillness, to fully live in gratitude the life you have been granted. ​


Our MEDITATE coaching program offers eight sessions that teach you how to:

  • Be aware of your thoughts and feelings

  • Set clear and honest intentions

  • Become present and live in the moment

  • Take the seat of the witness

  • Learn to forgive yourself

  • Learn to love yourself and others

  • Release negativity and live in positivity


In our eight sessions (each 1.5 hour long) together, we will go through the ten habits of meditation, various techniques and exercises for relaxation and self-love embodiment, how to write affirmations and set clear intentions for manifestation. You will walk away learning about the importance of meditation and develop meditation habits that will stay with you. 


Who this program is for: 

  • You think you can’t meditate 

  • You can’t quiet your mind 

  • You need someone else to do the inner-work for you

  • You complain about how life is unfair 

  • You think you are stuck and can’t get out of this rut

  • You find yourself losing hope

  • You suffer from stress, anxiety and depression

  • You want to be more conscious and aware

  • You want to be more loving, confident, forgiving and truthful to yourself


Are you ready to do this? 

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